React Hooks were introduced in React 16.8 in February of 2019. There were several problems that hooks set out to resolve. For beginners, deciding whether a component should be a class or functional component can be confusing. The rules of classes can also lead to some difficulties for those learning React, since Javascript has uncommon rules for when to use this and bind. The React team developed hooks as a way to allow for state management and side effects such as the lifecycle methods componentDidMount() and componentDidUpdate() in functional components. …

CSS animations can be a great way to bring your webpage to life with many different visual effects. Animation and effects can be a great way to grab the user’s attention and guide them through how to use the site. Having context specific animations can be effective as well, like having a shopping cart button glow after adding an item to the cart. The core parts involved in setting up CSS animation are keyframes and animation properties.

Keyframes are the most important part of CSS animations. Keyframes are what is used to break down an animation cycle into segments. At…

As someone who has spent time developing games, I have made regular use of random number generators. Whether simulating a roll of the die, or the flip of a coin, the sense of random chance and luck plays a vital role in many games. Javascript has a built-in function for generating a random number. You can create one in your browser right now by opening up the console (right-clicking the page and selecting ‘Inspect’) and typing in: Math.random()

> Math.random()
<- 0.09637747691338427

As you can see the output is a float that will land between 0 and 1, which one…

In early 2011, I began my career as an aerospace technician at the Boeing Company. At the low-point of the 2008 recession, I had graduated college with a BA in Political Science and had been looking for work for a very long time. I took the best job I could find just to stay afloat, and managed to find some joy in aerospace manufacturing. After a few stints in leadership roles I found myself more ready to build a career within the aerospace industry, and took a job as a quality inspector. …

While learning Ruby, I occasionally run into problems where I need conditional logic to validate user inputs by making sure they meet certain requirements. I have created input fields for things like dates, as well as inputs for Command Line Interface programs where a user could enter a number to select from a list of options displayed in the terminal. As I went about testing the program, I figured there should be a way to ensure that the only acceptable input would be a number.

My first attempt was to just check if the input was an integer with is_a?(Integer)

Dave Wisecarver

Software dev student and free-time game dev. Currently enrolled in Flatiron Software Engineering Program.

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